Solis Agrosciences helps accelerate product development

We make plant science innovation faster and simpler, with full-service offerings from Initial molecular design through plant efficacy testing. Solis services include bioinformatics, molecular biology, gene editing, plant transformation, plant growth, efficacy assays, phenotypic characterization, and regulatory consulting. Our simple fee-for-service model preserves your IP, and our highly skilled researchers deliver data you can trust.

Plant Transformation Services

Solis Agrosciences is the leading provider of fee-for-service plant transformation. Our skilled scientists have established pipeline transformation capability in soybean, corn, tomato, and Arabidopsis. We are continuously expanding our capability based on market opportunities and partnerships with customers, which includes projects in client proprietary germplasm and additional crops.
Our offerings include bioinformatics, construct design, transformation, molecular characterization, phenotyping, and plant growth services.
Species available for pipeline plant transformation:

CRISPR Gene Editing Services

Solis provides a premier, full-service gene editing platform tailored for your CRISPR needs. Our expert team is proficient in various editing technologies and collaborates with clients to develop customized solutions.

Our gene editing services include:

Gene Editing Validation

Precise characterization of desired edits.

Guide RNA Design

Robust guide RNA design and validation.

Gene Edited Plant Propagation

Generation of transformed plants
through multiple generations,
depending on client needs.

Customized Solutions

Depending on your needs, we can perform genetic modifications such as insertions, deletions, point mutations, and substitutions.

Our Technology

Solis’ experienced team utilizes advanced technology platforms to reduce our clients’ product development timelines in traditional row crops as well as specialty crops. Our partnership with Pairwise enables use of their best-in-class Fulcrum™ Platform, which includes Pairwise’s novel SHARC™ enzyme, base editing, and REDRAW™ templated editing.

SHARCTM Proprietary Enzyme

SHARC is a proprietary enzyme that works well for cutting, base editing, and REDRAW editing, and is the foundation for a proprietary and comprehensive genome editing toolbox.

The FulcrumTM Platform

Pairwise’s proprietary base editing and diversification tools enable innovators to “tune” CRISPR edits with great precision. Alongside REDRAWTM, Pairwise’s templated editing solution, these tools allow access to a wide range of genetic variation, which is key to creating new, distinctive plant varieties much faster and more effectively than conventional breeding.

Plant Growth Services

Our end-to-end pipeline for gene edited and transgenic plants includes full-service plant growth capability, overseen by a team of skilled AgTech professionals. Let us help you go from idea to product quickly and efficiently.

Our plant growth services include:

State-of-the-art Facilities

Solis offers greenhouses and growth chambers equipped with the latest technology, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Round-the-clock Plant Care

Our team has years of industry-leading experience, you can rest assured that your plants are in good hands.

Multiple Species

We support the cultivation of a variety of plant species including corn, soy, tomato, and Arabidopsis.

Wide Range of Services

Our services include crossing, plant growout, phenotyping, tissue sample collection, seed harvest, processing and storage.

Plant Assay Services

Our end-to-end pipeline for gene edited and transgenic plants includes a full menu of whole plant, tissue and cell-based assays to support your research needs. We will generate high-quality data to help you make the most informed decisions about your gene editing or biotech program.

Our plant assay services include:

Transient Cell and
Tissue-based Assays

High-throughput protoplast, viability, reporter assays, localization, and other assays.

Molecular Assays

Comprehensive suite of molecular analyses including copy number, zygosity, genotyping, and gene expression.

Plant Phenotypic and
Physiological Assays

Whole plant phenotyping and custom physiological assays.

Protein Biochemistry

Westerns, ELISAs, and or protein measurements and assays

Regulatory Services

Having a robust regulatory strategy can help avoid costly mistakes that can delay commercialization. Still, employing experienced regulatory staff isn’t cost effective for small-to-midsize innovator companies. Our experienced Solis team brings “big ag” regulatory capability in an on-demand service model. We can help you ship regulated material, prepare for field trials, design compliance systems for strategic partnerships, navigate agency interactions, or develop a convincing regulatory strategy to raise venture capital.
Having an early and robust regulatory strategy increases the value of any program, both to investors and potential acquirers.

Regulatory Strategy

Develop an overall strategy for the registration of GMO plants, gene-edited plants, chemistries and biologicals in the US.

Stewardship and Compliance

Develop a plan to ensure best practices are implemented throughout the product development cycle. Assist you through preparation for, and successful completion of, agency and collaborator audits.

Agency Liaison

Expertly represent your interests to regulatory agencies in pre-submission meetings, completion of forms and applications, and responding to questions throughout the approval process.

Solis’ Plant Pipeline as a Service is the best integrated resource imaginable for gene editing, plant transformation, plant analysis, and greenhouse operation. Working with Solis is like having our own in-house team to manage our pipeline. They are great partners dedicated to our success.

Michael Lassner, PhD | Chief Scientific Officer at Amfora