Susan Martino-Catt, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Role at Solis Agrosciences

Chief Operating Officer involved in all aspects of the company’s overall strategy.

  • Leads the Solis science team including delivery of client work product, development of new capabilities, and laboratory and greenhouse operations
  • Regulatory consulting for clients with an emphasis on gene editing and transgenic crops
  • Oversees all client projects ensuring delivery of high-quality data to meet client need


Susan is a progressive scientific leader with a demonstrated history of driving results in global business settings. She possesses research and development experience coupled with business acumen from early discovery research through product commercial launch. Following a PhD in Plant Biology from Don Ort’s lab at University of Illinois, her 30−year industry career began as a Research Scientist developing end user trait products. With industry experience across R&D, Supply Chain, Operations, and Regulatory Affairs/ Sciences, Susan’s career includes positions of increasing responsibility at Pioneer Hi-Bred, Monsanto, and Benson Hill. Susan joined Solis Agrosciences in 2024 to lead all aspects of the company’s scientific team and operations.

Outside of Work

Having grown up on a family farm in rural Indiana, Susan attended Indiana University and is a life-long Hoosier’s fan. She and her husband Dale have 3 adult children and are enjoying their empty nest. Today, Susan enjoys spending time with her friends and family, taking in various genres of music and spending time on the beach when the Midwest winter gets to be too long

Outside of Work

Prado, J. R., Segers, G., Voelker, T., Carson, D., Dobert, R., Phillips, J., … & Martino-Catt, S. (2014). Genetically engineered crops: from idea to product. Annual review of plant biology, 65, 769−790. (Link)

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Martino-Catt, S., & Ort, D. R. (1992). Low temperature interrupts circadian regulation of transcriptional activity in chilling-sensitive plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 89(9), 3731−3735. (Link)

Education & Training

University of Illinois-Champaign Doctor of Philosophy, Plant Biology

Loyola University Chicago Master of Science, Biology

Indiana University Bloomington Bachelor of Science, Biology

Education & Training

  • BioGenerator Ventures (2023−2024)
  • Benson Hill (2021−2023)
  • Inari (2019−2020)
  • Monsanto Company (2006−2018)
  • Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (2003−2006)
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred International (1993−2003)

In the 30 years that I’ve spent working in the AgTech industry, I’ve seen the tremendous impact technology has made on agronomic practices. Advances in precision gene editing and other new technologies will allow for continued innovation in agriculture beyond herbicide and insect resistance, enabling efficient modulation of complex pathways previously intractable to conventional GMO approaches. Solis offers world-class ability to deliver these technologies in a capital-efficient model for our clients

– Susan Martino-Cat