State-of-the-art facilities

Our greenhouses and growth chambers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure efficiency and quality.

Round-the-clock plant care by experienced professionals

With several years of industry-leading experience, you can rest assured that your plants are well taken care of.

Multiple species

We support the cultivation of various plant species such as Corn, Soy, Rice, Tomato, Tobacco, Canola and Arabidopsis.

Additional species

We can also handle additional species upon request.

Wide range of services

We provide services such as crossing, plant growout, phenotyping, tissue sample collection, seed harvest, processing and storage.

Solis Agrosciences is a first-in-class, full service PPaaS™ (Plant Pipeline as a Service) provider. We can help you go from idea to product rapidly, reliably and resource-efficiently. Our simple, fee-for-service model preserves your IP and our highly skilled researchers deliver data you can count on.