Transient cell and tissue-based assays

Cell and tissue-based assays, including but not limited to viability assays, toxicity assays, and other assays.

Molecular assays

Comprehensive suite of molecular analyses including but not limited to DNA and/or RNA extraction, copy number, zygosity, genotyping, gene expression, and other assays.

Plant phenotypic and physiological assays

Whole plant phenotyping and custom physiological assays.

Plant pathogen diagnostic assays

Execution and analysis of pathogenic diagnosis in various species.

Biochemical and enzymatic assays

Standardized analysis on biochemical and enzymatic properties of plants.

Metabolite profiling

Quantitative assessments of target metabolites.

Custom assay development

Development of new procedures for your research needs.

Protein analysis

ELISAs, Westerns, and other protein-based assays conducted with high accuracy.

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