Target Selection

Select the most suitable traits or genes to express the phenotypes that you want to research.

Gene Editing Validation

Provide precise quantitation and sequencing with high accuracy.

Guide RNA design

Robust guide RNA design and validation.

Edit propagation

Obtain quality results – transformed plants, seed, associated data, and more – in a timely manner.

Gene Editing

Carry out genetic engineering effectively and on an unprecedented scale while efficiently cutting down on costs. Depending on your needs, we make different genetic manipulations such as:

  • Insertions
  • Deletions
  • Point mutations
  • Substitutions

Solis Agrosciences is a first-in-class, full service PPaaS™ (Plant Pipeline as a Service) provider. We can help you go from idea to product rapidly, reliably and resource-efficiently. Our simple, fee-for-service model preserves your IP and our highly skilled researchers deliver data you can count on.

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