Plant Transformation Using Client's Elite Germplasm

Solis' Services

  • Generation of multiple commercial soybean events in ZeaKal’s elite germplasm
  • Development of custom capabilities to track Zeakal’s proprietary genetics
  • Analysis and verification of trait inheritance as part of ZeaKal’s breeding programs


ZeaKal is a plant traits innovator improving crop composition and productivity. Its proprietary flagship product, PhotoSeed™, helps crops capture more carbon and sunlight, leading to healthier, nutrient-rich food and feed grown on a smaller environmental footprint. As a platform technology, ZeaKal has commercialization programs across soybeans, corn and hemp.

Zeakal is also building a “NewType” of food and agriculture: one that prioritizes value over volume without overwhelming our planet and improves the resiliency of the agricultural sector.


ZeaKal collaborated with Solis for the generation and delivery of T2 seed from single copy events containing Zeakal’s proprietary genetics for field evaluation and progression into commercial pipeline. With pressure to initiate North American field trials, ZeaKal also needed a trusted partner to deliver molecular analysis results in a timely manner to inform rapid decision making.


Utilizing Solis’ Plant Pipeline as a Service™, this platform has become ZeaKal’s primary capability for development of new soybean traits and genetics. Data collected during the project (e.g., transformation efficiencies, phenotypic observations of the plants in the greenhouse, etc.) were shared with the customer in real time, accelerating construct design iterations for future transformation.


Solis delivered T2 seed across 14 confirmed single copy events within 15 months of project initiation. The success and timelines of delivery ensured ZeaKal could meet its North American field trial target dates.

Next Steps

As a long-term partner, Solis continues to develop next generation improvements for ZeaKal’s PhotoSeed portfolio alongside additional trait candidates. The partnership aligns with ZeaKal’s historical commitment to capital light innovation, ensuring that new solutions are delivered to growers and industry in a cost and time efficient manner.